Ground Water Well and Pump

Engineering, design and construction support services of a new well to replace Well 8, which had to be taken out of service due to high nitrates. The new well would have the maximum pumping capacity of 1,100 gpm. The well pump motor was rated 200 HP with adjustable speed drive controls. The electrical service to the well was connected to the existing standby power distribution system on site, via a new 12kv to 480V pad-mounted transformer. Underground fiber optic communication cable was provided between the water supply pump station and the well pump control panel for well pump monitoring and controls.

New Prison Facility

Preparation of construction drawings, specifications and cost estimates for a 2,200 bed medium/maximum security prison, including the installation of two (2) 2000 kW, 12 kV emergency diesel generators, site normal and emergency power distribution systems, security lighting and control systems, electrified fence, primary switching station, interface with local utility, conduit and duct bank systems for telephone, fire alarm, MATV, CCTV, CMIS and intercom systems. Design also included power systems for water pumping stations and waste treatment plant.


Water Booster Station

Preparation of construction drawings, specifications and cost estimate for the installation of the electrical and control systems associated with a water booster station. The water booster station consists of 4-100 HP high flow pumps, 2-60 HP low flow pumps, soft-start starters, 2-1 MG water storage reservoirs, 2-12,000 G hydro-pneumatic tanks, chlorine injection system, Motor Control Center Building, and a 400 kW standby engine-generator system. Control and instrumentation system includes a PLC-based control system to sequence pumps based on water flow and pressure, process alarm, monitor reservoirs level, etc. Provided construction support services and assistance during testing and start-up.


Evergreen Pipeline Project

Engineering and design services for the pipeline installation in the Evergreen area in San Jose, California as a part of the South Bay Water Recycling Project. The electrical systems included cathodic protection system for the pipeline and the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) installation for monitoring the status of the pipeline pressure sensing station.

Santa Clara / San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant

Engineering, design and construction support services for upgrading the West Primary Treatment Facilities electrical distribution and controls. The project involved replacement of the existing motor control center for the eight clarifying tanks with a new, double-ended, motor control center and installation of a new redundant PLC-based control system to replace the existing hard wired control console.


Sewage Pump Station Power System Upgrade

Design for the installation of one 250-KW standby diesel engine-generator and two 70-KW prime power micro turbine generators with remote monitoring and controls (SCADA) of the operating functions via the existing Siemens 6ES5 PLC. The micro turbine generator was powered by landfill gas (LFG).





Thermal Energy Storage System

Design for the installation of 1,000 ton chiller, chilled water pumps and cooling towers. The chiller starter was rated 4KV. The chilled water pumps and cooling tower fans were controlled by adjustable speed drives.


Paradise Pump Station

Preparation of construction drawings, specifications and cost estimates for modifications to an existing sanitary sewer pump station located in Corte Madera, California. The project included the installation of a new electrical distribution system, motor control center with PLC controls, power and controls for three variable speed centrifugal pumps, a standby engine generator with a 1000-gallon fuel storage tank, and a water hammer surge arrestor.


Short Circuit, Load Flow and Relay Coordination Study

Short circuit and protective device coordination studies for the Santa Teresa Laboratory electrical system, consisting of12 kV metalclad switchgears and sixteen (16) Power Centers. Project include preparation of a report detailing the system deficiencies and recommendations for corrective action, protective device setting calculations and composite time-current coordination curves for each protective device component of the system.

Feasibility Study for Installation of UPS System

Feasibility study to evaluate space requirement, capacity, type and cost of a centralized 4,300 kVA UPS system dedicated to a 40,000 SF test area floor of a 230,000 SF manufacturing building facility. Several UPS systems were evaluated based on their reliability, annual maintenance costs, space, environmental requirements and initial cost of installation.